Headache and migraine

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There are many types of headache and many causes, and if you are concerned about frequent or severe headaches, you should consult your GP. However, many of us experience headache due to the very common causes of stress and tension, or hormonal imbalance. Headache is often associated with neck and shoulder tension since pressure in these areas can restrict blood flow to the head area. Neck tension6Z2T7494 tends to manifest as pain over the eyes or a thumping feeling in the top or front of the head, possibly together with tired eyes and a general feeling of exhaustion.

If you present with this type of headache, in addition to taking a full medical history, the practitioner will check your neck and shoulders for tension. Tui Na massage is the most effective treatment for neck and shoulder tension, and so this type of treatment may be the main and best way to combat this issue. During Tui Na, you may be seated, fully clothed, on a chair, while massage and acupressure are applied 6Z2T7497to your neck, shoulders and head, or lying on a couch for massage to the neck, head and face. Tui Na for the head and neck is similar to Indian Head massage, though usually more thorough.

If you are suffering from other health issues, or imbalances in your general system are indicated, a more general treatment may be preferred, and the choice will depend on your exact medical history and preferences.

Bi-Aura is a very good treatment for relief from migraine, where stress or emotional trauma may be indicated.6Z2T7515 This treatment gently rebalances your chakras and energy system. Head pain can result, on an energetic level, from too much concentration of energy in the upper body, for instance due to worry or the need to complete an important project, and a deficiency of energy in other areas, perhaps due to a lack of exercise, survival issues relating to housing or money, or other 6Z2T7747emotional issues.

Reflexology is also a good treatment for headaches and stress, since it is applied while you simply relax on a massage couch, while your whole endocrine (hormone) system and the organs of the body are balanced via pressure point massage to the feet. People often fall into a deep sleep during this treatment, and wake up at the end feeling restored and relaxed.


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