Depression & mood


The word ‘depression’ may be used to describe a range of conditions. Mild depression may be ordinary,Crown chakra every day sadness, or it may describe a debilitating or possibly life threatening illness.

In terms of energy, depression is a state in which flow is blocked or sluggish. We may feel weary, heavy, out of sorts, or find it impossible to get out of bed or carry out basic activities, including eating or speaking. The reasons we may feel depressed are wide-ranging. Life energy, like the rest of the natural world, continually fluctuates, and so it is normal and healthy to experience some variations in mood, depending on what is happening in our relationships, what we eat and drink, our environment, and how we think about the world.

Where depression is severe, causes may include past trauma, grief and loss, extreme stress, physical illness, or inherited patterning. Often there are a number of combined factors. Or there may be no known cause. For some, mood may fluctuate or swing between high and low, with difficulty finding the middle, or balanced state.

All the therapies on this website can be helpful in dealing with depression or mood issues. Treatment may vary widely, and would depend on the individual’s needs. Therefore a very gentle approach may be appropriate for some, or a much deeper more vigorous approach for others.

Where energy is blocked, stagnant and stuck in the body, Tui Na can be very helpful. If you feel heavy, have back pain, find it difficult to get motivated or exercise, and lack motivation, this kind of deep massage can have a profound balancing effect. The therapy simultaneously works to loosen the deeply held tension patterns in your body, while stimulating energy flow, along the meridians, which in turn balances your whole system, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, yet invigorated and refreshed.

CrownBio-energy Healing may be a preferred treatment for those feeling physically vulnerable, traumatised or simply not comfortable with physical bodywork or touch. Bio-Energy Healing balances the chakras, bringing the whole energy system back into harmony. For instance, feelings of insecurity or fear may be linked to a weak Root chakra, while deep sorrow could be reflected at the Heart. If you have suffered damage to your self esteem, or have a history of abuse, these issues may show up at the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras. Disordered thoughts, or obsessive negative beliefs would tend to be a sign of imbalance at the Brow, or the relationship between Brow and Heart. Bi-aura works to gently clear negative past and current patterns of energy from the body and energy field, while re-energising the areas that need stimulation and calming over-activity. Techniques are used at the end of every session to ensure that the system is protected and safe. As with all the therapies, treatment moves at the pace which is appropriate and comfortable for the client.

Reflexology and Therapeutic massage are also good options for treating depression and mood. Reflexology has the advantage of including foot or hand massage, which can feel especially comforting, while you rest on the massage couch fully clothed, with a blanket if wished. Reflexology combines energy work on the meridian system with specific techniques to balance the organs and glands. Therefore it is a useful treatment where the endocrine (hormone) system may be out of balance, for instance in the case of pre-menstrual tension or the menopause. Therapeutic massage may be chosen where both nurturing and touch are needed. Contact with the skin can be an important factor for some, while the massage eases away tension and knots held in the body.