Combined Massage and Healing


Clients present with a very wide range of health issues, and therefore Rachel has developed combined massage and healing 6Z2T7765treatments over 26 years in practice, to suit a very wide variety of  individual needs. Combined treatments are specially effective when dealing with blocked emotions, or recovery from trauma and abuse. All Rachel’s treatments involve some combining of techniques, since the therapies all have the same origins, and work best when used together.

Tui Na,Therapeutic oil massage, Reflexology and Bio-Energy healing can all be successfully combined with each other during a single treatment session, in various ways, according to the individual and to the requirements of a particular session.

If you have a course of sessions, as you progress through your treatments, sessions can be adapted depending on your progress.

6Z2T7472As each person is unique, treatments may vary widely from one person to another. Here are some common examples:

  • Tui Na to resolve long term stiffness and pain in the neck, back and shoulders, together with Reflexology to provide additional hormone balancing, relaxation and relief from stress.
  • Therapeutic Oil Massage together with Reflexology and head massage to provide a very nurturing relief from stress and anxiety.
  • Gentle Oil massage applied to the neck, together with hand massage and hand Reflexology for relief from emotional trauma.
  • Tui Na with Bio-energy healing to relieve pain and tension in the body while also clearing the energy field of old patterns. This combination is effective for the release of trauma, and long held stresses and grief.

Energy healing, or the movement of energy through and around the body, is always used to some extent in all sessions. This means that the therapist is working on your whole Energy Body, or  energy field, which includes the electro-magnetic field around the physical body.  The reason for this is that deeply held patterns of discomfort and pain are held in this field, as well as in the physical muscles and tissues, so the healing enhances the treatment.

Bio-energy Healing is also available as a stand alone treatment, over four sessions.

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