Reflexology in Exeter, Devon


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is usually carried out on the feet, but the hands can also be used. It works on the principle that our feet and hands are connected energetically, and via the nervous system, with all other parts of the body. We make physical contact with the world through our hands and feet, so they can act like sensors, relaying information to our minds and bodies. Reflexologists studying this phenomenon have identified a ‘map’ of the body, located in our feet and hands. When areas of the feet are stimulated, it has a balancing effect on the corresponding area of the body.

Does it work?

I have to admit to being a skeptic when I first studied this wonderful therapy. However, having used it as part of my practice for 25 years I am prepared to say that yes, this is a deeply effective treatment, especially for balancing hormones, treating fatigue, ME, fibromyalgia and other related conditions, relieving stress and calming anxiety for both women and men. I am also finding it helpful in treating recovery from Covid 19. Clients report increased energy, a heightened feeling of well-being and an increased ability to face life’s challenges.

What happens during a Reflexology session?

While you relax on a couch, with a blanket if desired, you will receive a deeply relaxing foot or hand massage. The therapist will gradually work through the specific areas on your feet which need attention. Chinese acupressure points are also used which makes this a particularly powerful treatment. Most people become deeply relaxed, and you may fall asleep!

Is one session enough?

If you have long-term, chronic stress or other symptoms, it’s recommended that you have a session once a week for six weeks. After that, you may wish to continue at less regular intervals. One or two  sessions are enough to ‘take the edge off’, and should help your body to achieve a good night’s sleep.

It may also be helpful to combine reflexology treatments with Therapeutic oil massage or Tui Na, for a holistic healing experience. Bio-Energy Healing is usually also used as appropriate during the session.


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