Stress & Anxiety


Stress is a natural physical condition that arises when we encounter situations that need to be dealt with. We have a very efficient in-built mechanism that prepares the body for action, sometimes known as the ‘fight or flight’ response. However, the stress response also gears us up for a whole range of activities from holding a conversation to performing on stage. The stress response is designed to get glucose and oxygen to the brain and muscles so that we can respond quickly and efficiently. The heart and breathing rates quicken, the mind becomes more alert, and the muscles more toned. At the same time, functions which are not immediately necessary such as the digestion of food, are reduced. When we carry out the activity we have been prepared for, the body is supposed to return to normal.

stressTriggers for stress can come from many sources. Upcoming events, noise, environmental factors like difficult working conditions, poor diet or alcohol, emotional issues, or simply telling ourselves that something bad or challenging is going to happen, all trigger stress. Stress patterns can come from past experience, and so we may continue to feel stressed and fearful long after the triggering events have stopped. Racing thoughts, and an increased heart rate show up as anxiety. If the activities we carry out do not sufficiently release the stress, it stays held in the body in the form of muscle tension, high blood pressure or an over-active mind.

All the therapies on this website are excellent treatments to help with stress and anxiety, and treatments may be combined for the best result.

Tui Na is great for helping the body to return to it’s natural, relaxed yet alert state. Applied through clothes, the deep, rhythmic massage techniques stretch the muscles and ease away tension, while the6Z2T7494 massage and energy work help to restore blood circulation, carrying away energetic and physical residue that has stayed lodged in the body, easing the nervous system and calming the mind. Tui na would usually be carried out over the whole body for the relief of stress. Specific acupressure points on the head, wrists, hands and feet are also incorporated in the massage for relief from anxiety, and sadness.

Bio-Energy Healing is also a good treatment for stress and anxiety, since it is generally experienced as calming and relaxing. Symptoms of anxiety tend to build up at the solar plexus chakra and at the brow, and the therapy brings these areas into balance with the rest of the energy body. People often report feeling at peace following a Bio-Energy Healing session, as if the issues which have been present, whether short or long term, have simply been cleaned away. You may feel lighter, as if a burden has been lifted.

Reflexology is an excellent treatment for stress, since it is deeply relaxing and can be carried out while you simply lie comfortably on a couch with a pillow for your head, and a blanket if wished. Reflexology can soothe away worry and tension while you sleep, or simply drift into a deep relaxed state.

Therapeutic massage is soothing if you prefer touch onto the skin. For many, the nurturing and pampering qualities of oil massage are what is needed for complete relaxation.