What is Energy?


Right now we are all being affected by the energy of the world. You may be feeling waves of overwhelm as a result. What is Energy? And what is Energy Healing? The use of the term ‘Energy’ on this website refers to the unseen ‘stuff’ which can be felt both in and around the bodies of living things, and which connects us to other individuals and the wider collective. Chinese medicine refers to this phenomenon as ‘chi’, and Indian practices refer to ‘prana’. In the West, the term ‘bio-energy’ is used, and sometimes the energy around the outside of the body is called the ‘aura’. Chinese medicine sees energy flowing through the body in river-like pathways called meridians. Both Indian and Chinese cultures identify places in the body where energy seems to be more intense, swirling like a wheel. The word ‘chakra‘, meaning ‘wheel’ in sanskrit, is used to describe these areas.

Whatever term we are using to describe it, many of us can feel energy in and around our own and others’ bodies. It feels like tingling, like water moving, or like hot or cold. When we feel happy, vibrant, flexible, inspired and free from pain, our energy is balanced and flowing well. We feel connected to others and to the world around us. Things run smoothly. When we feel depressed, blocked, distressed, in pain, stiff and tired, our energy system is not functioning properly. Something somewhere has become blocked, in a similar way to rubbish blocking the flow of a river. The block may take many forms, including physical disease, emotional trauma, injury, habitual pessimistic thought patterns and beliefs, or something in our  present or past environment.

What does this mean for your health and treatment? All the therapies described on this website include an awareness of energy.  As a therapist, I always work with a heightened awareness of this dimension in addition to an awareness and knowledge of the physical structure and functioning of the body. Therefore, when applying massage I will also be working on the meridians, and sometimes pausing to focus my intention on the more subtle imbalances that I am perceiving beyond the physical.  The term Energy Healing is used to describe this focus on the energy body, which may occur at any time during a massage or Reflexology session. Energy healing normally feels very calming and tranquil, and may be experienced as a stillness, or a feeling of energy moving in the body, rather like water flowing or a gentle breeze.

DuringBio-energy Healing treatments, the focus is mainly on the chakras and energy, or auric field. Bi-Aura is a form of Energy Healing which follows a specific structured process.