Bio-Energy Healing in Exeter


What is Bi0-Energy Healing?
This therapy uses sweeping movements around the client’s body, to clear and balance energy flow, rather like having a massage without direct physical contact. Attention is paid to balancing the seven main energy centres of the body, known as chakras. Bio-energy Healing is also known as Bio-energy Therapy, or just Energy Healing. It has its roots in both Indian and Chinese cultures, and was brought to the UK by the Bi-Aura Foundation.

What does Bio-Energy mean?

Bio-Energy simply means the energy that flows through and around your body, like an electro-magnetic field. Bio-Energy is also known as chi, ki or prana, and the energy field is also often referred to as the aura.

Is it like Reiki?

There are many types and traditions of healing. People often ask this question because Reiki has become very well known in the west. Bio-Energy Healing is a different type of healing. Both types focus on energy flow through the chakra system.

What hapManipurapens in a Bio-Energy Healing session?
At the first session, the therapist will discuss with you your reasons for seeking the therapy, and any particular issues you would like help with. The first part of the session usually takes place with you standing. You are invited to carry out a simple energy exercise (chi gung) with the therapist, before relaxing, with your eyes closed if you wish. The therapist will move around you, carrying out sweeping movements in the energy field around your body. You will then be invited to sit down with your feet up, then with your feet down, before standing again to complete the session. If you have trouble standing or are very fatigued, sessions can also be carried out with you sitting or lying down throughout.

What am I likely to feel during a session?
Most people feel peaceful and calm during and after a Healing session. You may feel the energy moving through and around your body. This can feel like a breeze blowing through you, or like water flowing. It may feel warm or cold, or you may see colours or images. You may notice fleeting emotions, or memories.

What happens next?
Bi-aura is normally carried out over four sessions. The first three are held once a week for three weeks, imagesCARULC9Kand the fourth a few weeks later. For some people, further sessions may be beneficial, and this can be discussed with the therapist.

As you progress through your sessions, old, stuck energy patterns are identified and removed so that your system can naturally adjust and rebalance itself. You may find that your body feels freer from stiffness and pain, or your emotions, beliefs and relationships may begin to change. For instance, if you have been carrying emotional trauma, you may experience a rebalancing and clearing of the thoughts and behaviours caused by the trauma. This could involve experiencing and moving through grief, experiencing feelings of happiness or lightness, feeling a need to clear unnecessary baggage from your home or life, or feeling more able to cope with and enjoy social situations. Your experience will depend on the natural changes that your system needs in order to move towards a more balanced state of physical and mental health. Some people experience immediate change, for others change is slower and more long term.

How does it Brow Chakra Third Eye Ajnawork?
The Therapist, or Healer, has the ability, through training and repeated practice, to connect mentally and intuitively with the energy field of the recipient. Using her awareness and physical body, she may experience your energy in various ways, including intense, weak, light, dark, or as colours, shapes, smells, emotions or simply ideas or thought forms. Keeping an open mind, the Healer will carry out a routine sequence of techniques, while focussing on areas of particular intensity. For instance, extra attention may be paid to a particular chakra or area of your body or, the speed may vary according to whether your system is over charged (in the case of anxiety or mania) or undercharged (where you may feel tired, sluggish or depressed).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is touch involved?
    Usually a small amount of light touch is involved, but if you prefer not to be touched, it’s fine to have the healing without any physical contact. Just let the therapist know at your first session.
  • What if I have trouble standing?
    If standing or sitting are difficult for you, it’s fine to have the sessions while lying on a couch. In fact, you can receive healing in any position!
  • Can I stay fully clothed?
    Yes! There is no need to remove clothes for healing. However, it is helpful to remove shoes, and any heavy metal buckles or jewellery that may disturb the energy flow.

Clients’ Comments
“Before Bi-aura (Bio-Energy Healing) I was suffering from a vague, lingering depression, which has evaporated, and I’m feeling happier. Plus, I’m not drinking as much as usual.”
“I feel lighter, as though I want to spring out of bed.”
“I felt joy, and was laughing during the session. Afterwards I felt more relaxed, like when you wake up and realise it’s Saturday and you don’t have to go to work.”
“My head feels clearer, and I have stopped crying all the time.”
“I feel full of positive energy, and I’m not taking on others’ negativity so much – I can bounce it away!”
“I feel able to move beyond coping mechanisms and accept change.”
“My anxiety has dissipated and I’m not worried any more.”
“I had a sense of raindrops falling down around. Now I am feeling very peaceful.”
“I felt as though I wanted to dance – I felt at one with the rhythm of creation.”
“After the session I felt good, and bounced back home.”
“My relationship with my wife has improved.”
“I really did feel as if cobwebs were being cleared away. I had a sudden, clear insight. Fabulous!”


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