Arms, wrists & hands


Many problems can affect the arms, wrists and hands, and people often don’t realise that these issues6Z2T7885 can be successfully treated using massage. Common issues are Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Arthritis, circulatory problems and injuries.

Arthritic conditions can benefit from regular, gentle massage to the joints to help alleviate stiffness, and for general stress relief. Massage of the hands can be carried out using hand cream, and with you either sitting on a chair or relaxing on a couch.

Hand massage can also include Reflexology, which is a full body treatment. You can receive hand reflexology while lying peacefully on a couch, with a blanket if desired.

Issues such as carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and other elbow, hand or wrist injuries can be very effectively 6Z2T7896treated using Tui Na. Treatment is carried out with you seated, fully clothed, on an ordinary chair, and treatment of the neck and shoulder area is normally included, since the nerves supplying the wrist and hand originate from, and travel through these areas. In fact, problems in the wrist and hands are often resolved when neck tension and stiffness have been reduced, allowing the nervous system to function correctly.

Depending on the issue, the area being worked on will be warmed and softened 6Z2T7892using rhythmic kneading and rolling massage, and acupressure and light manipulations such as wrist or elbow rotations and stretches will be used to alleviate tension and stiffness in the joints. Fingers can be individually worked on, with attention paid to individual joints, where necessary. Oil or cream may be used for more intricate, or subtle work in these areas. Tui Na has been successfully used over many years, to restore full health to the arms and hands, so that people can successfully return to their every day tasks.


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