Tui Na Sports Massage

The powerful effects of Tui Na massage can be used very efficiently to treat sports injuries, since it 6Z2T7476targets the deep tissues, muscles and joints. As Tui Na is a medical massage, it is generally used as a treatment for particular injuries or conditions, and is a safe and effective treatment for tennis elbow or general strains and sprains. After a discussion about the details of your injury and general health, the massage will be applied to, or around the affected area. Strained tissue, scar tissue and tight muscle are loosened by the repetitive massage techniques, after which the joints can be lightly manipulated to increase movement and blood flow, and restore balance. In addition acupressure and work on the meridians are included, to further enhance the treatment and 6Z2T7907speed up the healing process. Because Tui Na is an energy treatment in addition to a massage, work can be carried out around the affected area or further away on the body, where there is extreme tissue damage or trauma.

Treatments for injuries are usually carried out twice a week for the first 3 – 5 treatments, and then further apart if required.