Intuitive Therapeutic oil Massage in Exeter


What is Therapeutic Oil Massage?

This type of massage is carried out directly onto the skin, using oil. Swedish massage techniques are used together with acupressure and energy balancing techniques.

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage stretches the muscles, easing tension and pain, as well as encouraging the flow of fluids in the body to maintain the health of the organs and tissues. Massaging directly onto the skin can also feel particularly soothing and nurturing, providing the essential experience of touch which many of us lack in our daily life.

What happens during the massage?

During oil massage, the client relaxes on a massage couch, with towels provided to ensure comfort and warmth. Therapeutic massage is normally carried out on the back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, face, head, hands and feet, although each client’s individual needs are taken into account and the massage may be varied to suit your particular wishes. Listening to any feedback you give, the therapist will also work intuitively to help to guide the session. The massage may also be combined with reflexology, tui na techniques or Bio-Energy Healing to give a profoundly relaxing and balancing session.  Each session starts with a chat with the practitioner, so you can establish together the best treatment for you.