Shoulder problems

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Common shoulder problems include Frozen Shoulder, unexplained pain that starts under or around the shoulder blade and spreads down the back or arm, or Rotator cuff injuries.6Z2T7543

As with all treatments, the approach to your problem will depend on your full history and preferred treatments. However, Tui Na is a very effective treatment for shoulder problems, and will usually be used for these issues. Tui na is used to treat shoulders while you are seated, fully clothed, on an ordinary chair, and also while you are lying on a couch. Deep massage will be applied to the area, using rhythmic, rolling movements, kneading of the tissues, and acupressure to help 6Z2T7588alleviate deeply held tension in the muscles and joints. When the muscles and tissues are thoroughly warmed and softened, light manipulations are used to further free the joints and promote movement and blood flow, and to alleviate pressure on the nerves running through the area.

Tui na for shoulder problems works most effectively when sessions are carried out twice weekly for the first 3 to 5 sessions, followed by less frequent treatments until the problem is fully resolved. The number of treatments will depend on how l6Z2T7907ong the problem has been present, and whether there are other, related issues such as lower back pain, neck, elbow or wrist problems. On average, long term or complex issues can usually be satisfactorily resolved in about ten sessions.

Stiffness and tension in the upper body over a long period can also involve many accompanying health issues.  Our ability to breathe deeply is likely to be affected, leading to tiredness and low mood, and we may feel restricted, and unable to carry out daily activities, so that overall quality of life has become reduced. Tui 6Z2T7733Na is a relaxing, invigorating treatment and people presenting with shoulder stiffness and pain therefore usually find that they also benefit from increased flexibility, relief from stress, increased energy, and a heightened general ability to enjoy life.


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