Neck problems

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Many people experience neck problems at some time during their life. Common issues are whiplash6Z2T7525 injury, arthritis in the spine, or simply stiffness and tension due to stress.

A healthy neck is essential to a balanced and healthy general condition, since your neck is the bridge between the head and body. While your head houses your brain, eyes, ears, nose and mouth, your heart and the rest of your essential organs for survival lie further down in your body. Blood and nerve signals have to pass through the neck area between the brain and heart, and the rest of your system. Therefore tightness and restriction in the neck muscles and joints can have an effect on many of the body’s vital functions, and lead typically to tiredness, mood changes or digestive issues.

Neck tension can be treated very effectively using Tui Na massage, or oil massage. For Tui Na the treatment is carried out mainly with you seated fully clothed, on an ordinary chair, while both Tui Na and oil massage can be applied to the neck while you lie on your back on a massage couch.

Tui Na is a deeper treatment, and is particularly effective for treating injuries, general tension or whiplash. During sessions, the muscles of the neck and shoulders will be massaged and kneaded, using rhythmic circular movements, and rolling movements using the back of the hand and knuckles. The massage reaches deep into the tissues, freeing up long term stress patterns and restoring mobility. If appropriate, once the tissues are softened, light manipulations may be used to further gently release tightness in the vertebral joints. Following Tui Na neck treatments, clients often report increased energy or lightness of mood, in addition to renewed mobility and flexibility. Sometimes other changes are also noted, such as a lessening of tinnitus, clearer eyesight, or a greater sense of connection to the body, and therefore to the general environment.

6Z2T7740Neck treatments while lying on the couch, using oil, are a gentler way of treating the neck, and for some this approach is preferred. Lying in this position can feel comforting and nurturing, and the neck massage may be combined, for instance, with reflexology or hand massage for relief from stress or traumatic life experiences. Neck massage is also always included in a full Therapeutic oil massage treatment.


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