Fees and Booking

To book a session, call 01392 758439 or text 07804 575787.

Treatments are available from Monday to Saturday by appointment.  Please enquire for venue details. On street parking is available. Access is via a flight of stairs.

Initial sessions for all treatments last approximately 90 minutes.
Follow-up sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes.


Tui Na Chinese Massage and Sports Massage £55 per session or £250 for 5 sessions (taken within 3 months of payment).

Therapeutic oil Massage £45 per session.

Reflexology £35 per session or £180 for six sessions (taken within 2 months of payment).

Combined treatments £45 per session.

Bi-Aura Bio-energy Healing £35 per session or £120 for four sessions (taken within 2 months of payment).

Treatments of chronic conditions such as severe back pain, neck and shoulder problems or extreme stress normally require a series of treatments. Bi-Aura treatments require a minimum of four sessions.


Please wear appropriate loose clothing for tui na sessions, avoiding zips, pockets, collars and rough or shiny materials where possible. Long cotton trousers and a large collarless cotton tee shirt (not aertex) are the best clothes to wear. If you havn’t got these, please bring or wear the nearest thing.