Fatigue & Tiredness


If you suffer from tiredness or fatigue, Long Covid, have lost your mojo or just can’t get motivated, energy therapies, including massage, reflexology and Bio-Energy healing can be very beneficial. There are many reasons why you may be feeling unusually low in energy.  Common causes are grief and loss, stressful situations, ME, Fibromyalgia or other health conditions, and now, also Long Covid. The feeling may range from just not feeling like your usual self, to feeling completely unable to carry out your normal life and do the things you love.

I combine four main therapies with talking where needed, to help to rejuvenate your system, deal with emotional and physical blocks and support you on the path to wellness and a better quality of life. For those with long-term fatigue, I would also support you in finding the confidence to re-kindle your life. For others, one or two sessions are enough for a general ‘pick-me-up’ where needed. You can also buy a session for a loved one – please ask me for a gift voucher.  

Tui Na Chinese Massage is an excellent treatment for increasing energy flow through the body and mind. Carried out through clothes, the repeated rhythmic movements along the meridians stimulate energy, revitalising and balancing the whole system, while releasing tension. It is very common for people to report increased energy and vitality following Tui Na treatments, whether or not they have come for treatments for that reason.

Throat ChakraBi-aura Bio-energy Healing is also a re-vitalising treatment for low energy conditions. By carrying out movements in your energy field and healing the chakras, the therapist energises and balances your whole system, while clearing away blocks, such as past trauma, that may be problematic.

Reflexology, applied to the hands or feet is a very restorative and relaxing treatment which is excellent for balancing hormones, and revitalising the main organs of the body, including the liver, kidneys and spleen.

If you’re worried about sudden loss of energy for no known reason, you should consult your GP. However, many people benefit from body therapies and healing, having exhausted the range of treatments available using conventional medicine. These therapies also work very well alongside conventional medicine.