Covid 19

Covid 19 Protocol August 2020

The following is intended to help you to make a decision about whether to book sessions with me at the current time, and for the safety of all clients. If there’s anything additional you wish to discuss, however small, please don’t hesitate to ask. Updates will be made as and when necessary.

Before coming to a session

You will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood the protocol below. It’s quite long and detailed so please feel absolutely free to call or message me prior to your session, to ask any questions.

Please don’t come to a session if you have experienced any of these during the last 10 days:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell
  • contact with anyone with the above symptoms
  • a positive test for coronovirus

If the therapist experiences any of the above, sessions will also be cancelled for a minimum of 10 days.

Procedure for sessions

Sessions will take place in the therapist’s living area, which has been specially set up to accommodate client work at this time.

The front door leads straight into this space.

Directly inside the front door, hand sanitiser and a coat rack are provided, and clients are asked to use these.

The client will be offered a seat at least 1 metre from the therapist, for the initial consultation, with a table for personal objects. Water will be provided in a paper cup.

The consultation will include time for any concerns, issues, anxieties or questions about the coronovirus to be discussed.

Sessions, as before, may or may not include touch. Please see detailed notes below.

After the session, the therapist and client will maintain social distance.

Toilet facilities

The toilet is upstairs. Liquid soap and paper towels are provided, and the therapist will remove personal items from the bathroom during client sessions.


Areas which clients are likely to touch or come into contact with will be cleaned thoroughly between sessions ie, door handles, toilet, bathroom sink, chair and side table. All couch coverings and towels will be washed and tumble dried after each client. Blankets, if used, will be washed and aired. The massage couch will be cleaned. Any rubbish will be safely disposed of. Clients are asked not to handle other objects in the room unless necessary for the session.

Therapist’s personal hygiene

The therapist will adhere to the guidelines for regular hand washing, and change all outer clothing between each client session. Items that the therapist handles during the session, such as pens, bottles and notebooks will be cleaned regularly.

Face coverings

Wearing a face covering is not a pre-requisite to having a session, but you are asked to wear one where required, if it is safe and comfortable for you to do so. The therapist will wear a covering as necessary – please see below for further details. If you are vulnerable and require the therapist to wear a face covering at all times during your session, please let me know. This is clearly a contraversial area, and is subject to review.

Breathing, breathwork and transmission of droplets

Breathing and breath are integral to the practice of energy healing and massage. The therapist reserves the right to remove her face covering if it interferes with the process. However, the therapist will remain critically and stringently aware of the necessity to avoid directing the breath directly at the client, at all times during the session. This is the most challenging aspect of working during the covid crisis, and remains open to discussion. The practice room is an open space with the capacity for very good air flow through the room. While the concern for massage and healing treatments is traditionally for enclosure and cosiness, it is likely that open windows and doors will be more appropriate during the current circumstances. This approach will have to be reviewed as the weather cools later in the year. Fans can also be used to keep the air circulating, if necessary.

Clients are asked to apply the same consideration to transmission of droplets while in the therapist’s home, and should bring a face covering to wear if this can be done safely and comfortably. The current guides of coughing/sneezing into tissues and disposing of these properly, should be observed.


As before, massage can be carried out through clothes or directly onto the skin using oil.

Clothed massage can be carried out either seated on a chair, or lying on a couch. Massage of the neck and shoulders can be carried out with the client seated, and the therapist standing behind the client, or with the client lying face down. Massage to the back, legs and to some extent the arms, can also be carried out with the client facing away from the therapist. Face massage and neck massage with the client lying face up are likely to be avoided unless specifically discussed and organised appropriately beforehand. The therapist will carry out the session intuitively, though with a heightened awareness of the necessity to avoid face to face contact as much as possible.

Despite the above constraints, massage sessions, as usual, will be carried out to ensure a profoundly restorative experience.


Reflexology is probably the lowest risk treatment at present. Clients lie on the couch with a small pillow under the head and support under the knees if needed. The therapist sits beyond the client’s feet and touches only the feet. This is a very relaxing therapy, and is recommended for those who feel nervous of receiving massage at this time.

Bio-Energy Healing

This therapy can be carried out in a number of ways, including remotely (in separate premises). The therapist usually moves around the client, using sweeping hand movements to create movement in the client’s energy field. This therapy can also be carried out with the therapist standing several feet away from the client, and remaining in the same position. However, there is usually a greater use of the breath than with massage. A balance will need to be maintained with regard to ventilation of the room, the positioning of the client and therapist, and the techniques used, and this can all be discussed in further detail, as required. As far as I’m aware, there are no guidelines for the use of this therapy, and common sense together with due caution will be needed. The therapist takes an interest in current discussion relating to breathing singing and droplet transmission, and will apply any information that she’s aware of, to sessions.

Combined sessions

Prior to the outbreak, it was general practice for the different healing modalities to be combined intuitively in all sessions, as appropriate. This still applies, taking into account any restrictions as above. It is the therapist’s belief that healing can take place in a very wide array of ways, and so it will be an interesting learning curve to discover how healing may take place in this unusual situation.

Contact tracing

Client full names and phone numbers are collected as usual, and will be provided if the therapist is asked for these by contact tracers.