Client comments

“I woke up this morning and just felt more positive today.”

“It’s like opening up a flower…. I’ve never felt so comfortable with myself and with other people”

“Thank you for sorting my neck and shoulder out so effectively! I’ve had weeks and weeks with no pain. Tui Na rocks!”

“It’s been an absolute joy to find that Tui Na “reaches the parts that other therapies can’t reach”. Tui Na has not only provided relief, but has proved to have a sustainable and long lasting balancing effect.”

“I have loads of energy and my whole body feels freer”.

“Rachel is a master of intuition and deep listening, and therefore offers a safe and fully holistic treatment”.

“Nothing (in my body) could feel more relaxed”.

“Before Bi-aura I was suffering from a vague, lingering depression, which has evaporated, and I’m feeling happier. Plus, I’m not drinking as much as usual.”

“I feel lighter, as though I want to spring out of bed.”

“I felt joy, and was laughing during the session. Afterwards I felt more relaxed, like when you wake up and realise it’s Saturday and you don’t have to go to work.”

“My head feels clearer, and I have stopped crying all the time.”

“I feel full of positive energy, and I’m not taking on others’ negativity so much – I can bounce it away!”

“I feel able to move beyond coping mechanisms and accept change.”

“My anxiety has dissipated and I’m not worried any more.”

“I had a sense of raindrops falling down around. Now I am feeling very peaceful.”

“I felt as though I wanted to dance – I felt at one with the rhythm of creation.”

“After the session I felt good, and bounced back home.”

“My relationship with my wife has improved.”

“I really did feel as if cobwebs were being cleared away. I had a sudden, clear insight. Fabulous!”


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