Back pain

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Back pain can have many different causes and your first session will include a detailed chat about your 6Z2T7573recent and past medical history to identify the exact nature of your particular condition. The practitioner will ask you whether the pain came on suddenly or gradually, whether it has a known cause such as an injury or whether there is no obvious known cause, how long it has been a problem, whether you have been medically assessed, and whether you have received other treatments for the condition, in addition to establishing the exact location and type of pain. Sometimes back pain is also linked to depression and low mood, so it may also be appropriate to explore this area with you, if you are comfortable to do so.

If you have had long or short term lower back problems, slipped disc or sciatica, it is likely that Tui Na is the best treatment for you. Tui Na is a very effective deep tissue treatment for this type of condition, and clients often come for treatment having given up on other approaches such as osteopathy or chiropractic, or having suffered from the condition for a number of years or even decades. Tui Na for lower back pain usually consists of several sessions carried out with you lying on a massage couch, fully clothed. The practitioner will apply deep massage to the affected area and to the legs. Work may also be carried out with you lying in a side position or on your back, so that all the relevant meridians and muscle groups can be worked on. It can be helpful to have the first 3 – 5 sessions less than a week apart, with subsequent sessions further apart, as you progress.

6Z2T7552If the problem is in your upper back area, the treatment may vary according to the exact causes and location. Work may include massage to the shoulders and arms, with you sitting on a chair, and also work to your whole back, while you lie on a massage couch. Upper back problems commonly appear during times of intense stress or grief, and so other approaches may be used to help alleviate these issues, if applicable, such as energy healing, reflexology or simply allowing you to talk about the issues if you wish. The pace, depth and type of treatment is likely to vary according to your needs, wishes and progress.

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