Welcome to this website giving you information about Massage and Healing provided by Rachel Carey, in Exeter, Devon. Rachel uniquely combines therapeutic techniques to relieve physical, mental or emotional pain and discomfort. Each session is planned and delivered to suit your wishes and needs at the time of treatment, and may include:

Energy Healing by Phone: Healing and guidance in your own home.
Bi-Aura Bio-Energy Healing: Healing with little or no physical contact.
Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage: Deep, vigorous massage including sports massage, through clothes.
Therapeutic Oil Massage: Massage onto the skin, using oil.
Reflexology: Balancing pressure point massage on the hands or feet only.

To book a session, callĀ  or text 07763 656138, email info@rachelcarey.co.uk, or ring for a chat to discuss your individual needs.