Welcome to this website giving you information about Massage and Healing provided by Rachel Carey, in Exeter, Devon. ​

Over 25 years in practice, Rachel has developed a unique working method which combines four basic therapies with years of experience and focused intuition, to create individual treatments for the relief of pain and suffering.

During your session, Rachel will discuss with you your issues and background as appropriate, before applying the techniques in a combination which is most helpful to your condition. As people are diverse and different, sessions reflect this, and may range from a straightforward body massage for the relief of tension and pain held in the body, to a combination of massage, reflexology, conversation and bio-energy healing. Complex, long term conditions are usually treated with a variety of techniques, including where needed, dialogue between client and therapist, with each session changing according to the progress of the individual.

Many people choose Rachel Carey Therapies because they simply wish to heal. However, some clients may initially wish to choose a preferred therapy, such as Tui Na Chinese Massage , Reflexology, Therapeutic Oil Massage or Bio-energy Healing. You can simply let Rachel know your preference.

To book a session or discuss your needs, simply call or text 07763 656138 or email info@rachelcarey.co.uk, with your available times.